Sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing in Python.

TL;DR: the github repo for this project is here :-)

The other day my friend Sandy from class complemented me on handling DSI with calm and composure, and though I took a moment to pause before thanking her, it did make me wonder if I have just been good at feigning it.

In reality my week is a roller-coaster ride which starts off on a high note when I see all the lovely faces in class, a mid-week panic-attack which slings me into a trough, an early morning swim which kicks in a healthy dose of endorphins, before slumping…

Predicting the number of bikers in Washington, D.C.

TL;DR: the github repo for this project is here :-)


Having spent a good bit of the last two years in a university town outside Amsterdam, it is impossible for me to escape on two feet. Bicycling is so tightly integrated into Dutch culture that there are more bikes than people, certification exams for school children, an entire dedicated public infrastructure, and is the primary means of transportation in the country. The world’s largest bicycle garage in Utrecht is a marvel and an excellent example of classic Dutch style blended with tastefully implemented modern technology. I fit right in since…

Basic data science tools and statistics

Simply getting going with something and improving on it later, is perhaps, a prudent approach to solving data science problems. In the same vein, I’m starting off by scribbling some sparsely edited and researched articles, and despite, publishing them on Medium, to see where to go from here :-)

Note: For my data science projects, I’m currently using a Windows 10 laptop on an Intel i5 processor with 2 cores, 10GBs of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.

Standard installations and accounts

  1. Git (which includes Git Bash): Git is a version tracking program and Git Bash emulates a command line environment.
  2. A GitHub account: GitHub…

Hussain Burhani

Having fun with data, ai, and all those sorts of things

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